Maybe America has pooled in more investment of finances into its defence system than the next dozen countries combined, but India – at the pace that it has – has some of the most feared pieces of weaponry in its arsenal at the moment. The kind that you hope to god will never have to be used. And since India is not a signatory to the the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT), we’re going to leave out any existing or non-existing nuclear weapons we may have. Just saying.

Here are five weapons out of the Indian defence force’s arsenal that are dangerous beyond comprehension.

1. Brahmos Missile

Brahmos is, at the moment, the world’s fastest functional cruise missile. That’s right. This little package of destruction can glide through the skies at speeds over 3,000 kilometres and hour, with pin-point accuracy. With its air-launched variant ready to make an appearance next year, the total value of the Brahmos project is over ₹86,781 Crore.

2. Kolkata-Class Destroyer

The Kolkata-class destroyers are a brand of seriously dangerous destroyer ships that are equipped with the most advanced technology the country has. The Kolkata-class are true multipurpose destroyers, that not only include a blanket of protection from guided missiles, but also can operate on its own. A 76mm gun, four AK-630 close-in weapons systems, anti-submarine rockets and torpedoes, and two embarked helicopters with a hangar, are just some of its deadly features.

3. NAG Missile & the NAMICA Missile Carrier

The NAG missiles – only anti-tank missile in the world which has a complete fiberglass structure – and their carrier, NAMICA, are not to be trifled with. The little 42 kg missile flying at a speed of 230 metres per second, using NAMICA’s infrared imaging system, is adoringly phrased by “Fire and Forget.” With 8 missiles in a ready-to-fire mode in a bank of 12 total, the NAMICA is also amphibious, making it one powerful weapon.

4. Arjun Mark-II Main Battle Tank

Considered India’s deadliest weapon, this battle tank is a beast. Developed by the DRDO with a total of 13 major improvements with 93 total upgrades as compared to its predecessors, the Arjun Mark-II is ready for battle under any and every foreseeable circumstance on the battlefield. Integrated with advanced armaments, avionics and accessories, the Arjun Mark-II strikes fear when it rolls out onto the field.

5. Pinaka MBRLS (Multiple Barrel Rocket Launch System)

Combat proven in the cold and high altitude regions during the Kargil conflict in 1999, this DRDO creation can fire up to 12 missiles in 44 seconds – with pin-point accuracy, of course. Pinaka uses a very advanced inertial navigation system (INS) which uses a computer, motion sensors and rotation sensors to calculate the position, orientation, and direction of a moving object. And Pinaka costs less than 10 times than its American counterpart – the M270.

Who or what are you planning on shooting, my man?