The Hangover is one of the most beloved franchises in the modern cinema’s history. From quirky dialogues to eccentric characters, the trilogy has everything you can ask for… and sometimes, even more than that.

Well, we all might argue over the specifics of The Hangover, if there’s one thing that can unite us – it’s Alan. Alan was the best part about the franchise and to be honest, he was pretty darn awesome.


He is extremely uncaring about his looks. His friends make fun of him for being in sync with his feminine side, but his beautiful responses shut them up for good. Alan is the spirit animal you need, but do you really deserve such a cool guy?

The best of us suffer from loneliness at some point of time in our lives. What makes Alan so good is the fact that he might seem like a loser with no set aim in life, but he does everything so well. Even when he is feeling low, he gets his shit together and then flings it on his opponents. 

While a lot of us keep our love for the Backstreet Boys a secret because we’re too afraid to be judged by a vile society, Alan never gave two hoots before expressing his love for the Jonas brothers. If he isn’t afraid to be himself, why should we?


He has his priorities sorted in life – strippers, casino and drugs. He just wants to get high AF to enjoy himself and even when this has gotten him into a lot of trouble, he is still working effortlessly to make his dreams a reality.

Oh! Did we mention the time he bought a giraffe? Yes. Well THAT!


He is a genius who likes to maintain a low profile. Even though he knows how to count cards, he only does it when he absolutely needs to. Just like the time when his friends asked him whether his special skill was illegal. 

Ekach vaada, Alan dada!

When a kid is left with the wolfpack, Alan was the only one who had the paternal instincts to take care of the kid. He even names the kid – Baby Carlos. We will never forget the sight of Alan hanging out with Carlos and giving him an epic baby’s day out.


Or when he had absolutely zero fucks to give about political incorrectness and went out of his way to make Leslie Chow feel at peace? Yes. He pulled out the Godzilla card and made him feel at home.

And he got the ‘i’ of the Tger.

Even when you might feel that he’s just another trouble-maker at a party, he turns into a proper family-man and a great friend by the end of it all. He stood by his friend when he was getting married. He stood by his gangster friend Leslie Chow. He was there for his Wolfpack when everyone lost hope. He was supportive even when Stu suddenly had boobs at the end of Hangover 3. 

He was, is, and will always be the perfect guy.

Thanks Alan. You make our whole week. *cough* You’re the best and you’re clearly the reason why we want a wolfpack of our own.

Amazing illustrations by Rohit Jakhu.