I felt lost to the utmost the day set top boxes arrived. Operating one to its maximum capacity was confusing enough, I’d taken my time to learn. Now there was yet another one I had to be proficient with to watch a goddamn sitcom. The world seems to have no qualms with the way things are moving out of their control. It seems to be all the more celebrating it, which makes me wonder – am I the only one?


I have always called myself a technologically challenged person. It has exasperated in the recent past especially, with everything coming to depend on it. 

I am 25, and I should be rocking this thing. But, I am not. In fact, I am far from it. While my friends boast about the latest gadgets they possess, and all the things they can do with it, I struggle to use Ctrl C,V on my laptop. The struggle is very real. As I am typing this, if someone asked me to make a Word doc or a Powerpoint Presentation, I will be shitting my pants. 


My little sister was a lot more excited at the prospect of me getting a new phone than I was. She was the one who sat down with me and made me download ‘important, everyday apps’. Till today, WhatsApp happens to be the only thing I open every day on my phone. There’s nothing else I really care about.


We have come a long way from Pentium to…whatever i5 and i7 are. (Please don’t ask me what processor means), but I am still where I was with very little improvement.

We are living in a world of major #FOMO as they call it. I have given up trying to keep up with the updates that keep happening almost every other day. If it’s not the operating system, it’s the apps. It’s not even optional! Apps become obsolete if not updated regularly and I really do not have the time to go through those hassles. I once had to urgently book a cab and I was stuck with an app that was halfway into its update. Can you imagine how paralysing that feeling is? To have it and yet not?


When parents ask me for help with their gadgets? It hurts. One, because I cannot help them. Two, they’d expect better from a 25-year-old. 

Every parent ever expects their kid to know every hack to every pickle they find themselves in. Just recently, my mother happened to have lost all her contacts. We don’t know how. What shocked her (and shocked me even more) was the fact that I did not know how to get it all back. Technology has made me more of a disappointment than I deserve to be. Sometimes, my parents have a better idea than I, and let’s just say, it is slightly humiliating. 

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If it makes their day, good for them. I have been graced with patronising smiles, eye rolls, and sometimes even encouraging pats. I have sent personal messages on ‘reply to all’, managed to get copying and pasting wrong, and had a shit-storm brewing when I took up a job that will revolve around the internet. Evolution did not arrive with a freedom of choice.


It’s not for the lack of trying. And I truly do believe technology has made life better in a million ways. This is one of the best eras to be living in. But it’s come with the cost of being updated. Maybe I am too old school for life to be at such a mad pace all the time. I have tried, but I guess am not wired that way. I can’t even!