February is generally the best month of the year. You work for fewer days and still take the full month’s salary. The weather is fantastic and it’s full of optimism that summer has to offer. 

But it is all ruined about a week into the month. Everywhere you go, you’re reminded that much like the stink of pee in public washrooms, love is in the air. It all starts with Rose Day and then continues to be a pain in our collective asses till 14 February.


Why you ask? Because people can. But does that make it less idiotic? No.

That’s pretty much the entire logical explanation for this fuckall tradition. Although, this week is basically aashiqo ka navratra.

Quick Meme

There was a time when these specific ‘days’ did not define how much you loved your significant other. Unfortunately, a lot of us have let these days define our lives or commitment to those we love.

Main kya kisi ko rose doonga jab zindagi meri roz le rahi hai.


This hullabaloo around Valentine’s week can affect teens in a lot of different ways; both negatively and positively.

It is true that it might not affect you at all, yet to so many it is a huge occasion and can be a great influence towards your self-confidence and how you feel about yourself as a person.

Spicy Cards

And why would you do that to yourself? Why would you let anything affect you for no fault of yours?

You seriously need a day specially dedicated to these banal activities? Is that how you visualise your life? How do you get so much spare time to indulge yourself in this charade?


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