They’re everywhere. In every nook and corner, at every turn of life, they’re there. Like right there, waiting for you.

And you’re just thinking, “Holy shit, what is it this time?”

See, that’s the thing. Sometimes, problems don’t even need valid reasons to exist. Which is why you wonder. Is it karma? Bad luck? Human error? Mostly, you’ll never know.

Problems are sneaky buggers. They creep out of nowhere and just when everything’s going fine, WHAM!


So slow the hell down, sit upright and deal with what’s at hand. Because what else are you going to do, buddy?

Except maybe… escape it?

That sounds like a familiar idea, doesn’t it?

If you run away from it, you won’t have to face it, let alone actually make an effort to solve it. After a point, we’re so fed up of fixing things that we start taking it easy. We turn around and say, “Fuck you, problem! Die.” and walk away from it. The more we get of something, the more we take it for granted. That’s one of the basic laws of the human psyche.


And so, we happily carry on. But a nagging feeling never really leaves the mind. It keeps gnawing at your brain as you try to forget about it. It’s a constant dim buzz, like a fly following you around, hovering over your head as you swat it repeatedly. How annoying!

You’re getting lazier by the day and don’t give an effin’ damn.

Problems can rot in hell. This don’t-have-a-fuck-to-give attitude works surprisingly well at times. Some lame, pretentious problems might actually fade out when ignored. But often, putting a small issue in the back-burner brews up to become much bigger.

Stuff like suppressing how you’re really feeling about something, or letting a cavity become a root canal, or blowing up money and going broke, or sticking to a sucky lifestyle, or ignoring a months-old backache.


Well, it’s all getting worse. While we’re busy making other plans, our problems are already gearing up, and coming to bite us in the ass. They’re queuing up to destroy your peace of mind. You let the evil pet become a grown-up monster, and now you’re in shit.

Because you didn’t pay attention to a few goddamn problems.

This happens to us more than we like to believe. We get fucked over and over again when we don’t act in time. Then we pay the price. But we never learn. The same thing goes on till we’re forced to face the inevitable delayed doom.

When we let problems pile on, we’re just asking for more load to drag along. And we’d rather break our backs than free ourselves from the burden of unfinished business. Before you know it, life is tangled AF, just like nasty wires.


When we’re stuck, we blame it on not having enough time, busy careers, tiring schedules, etc., etc. There’s always an excuse for not waking up and smelling the coffee. There’ll be half-hearted blame games. You’re ready with a new cover up for the guilt. But no one really cares about your problems. Not even you.

God knows what would’ve happened if our parents and their parents had done the same with their problems. Where would this generation have been?

A problem seems big only as long as it’s sidelined. When you approach it with the intention of figuring it out, you’ll find yourself overcoming it faster than you’d think. No issue is rocket science. There’s an answer to everything. The only thing that’s missing is our will to nip a problem in the bud.


We suck at being proactive.

‘Later’ is the modern mantra. Everything is postponed, as long as you don’t have to think about it then. Days turn to weeks, weeks turn to months, and your problems are still breathing down your neck.

We’ll find any excuse to put off the work for another day. We’ll get drunk and forget about it. We’ll meet friends and discuss it but never address it. We’re so freaking lazy, so desperate to avoid responsibilities.

Such an attitude always comes at a price. And we’ll all be paying our dues sooner or later.