Recently, a news agency shared pictures from ‘Prabhakar’s Wax Museum’ in Ludhiana and they caught internet’s attention for all the wrong reasons. 

People started making jokes about the statues and it was soon everywhere on Twitter. 

Chandra Shekhar Prabhakar being trolled incessantly, a journalist shared his story on Twitter, informing people about his struggles.

She wrote:

She further added that he had a heart surgery back in 2005 and started making wax statues to keep himself engaged. 

It’s a private museum funded completely by him and all the statues are made by 2D pictures that he owns. 

After Swati posted his story, support started pouring in for the artist. 

Are we on social media too quick to judge? 

Everyone goes through struggles in life and some of them try to overcome by following their passion. They need not turn out to be the best, but they pour all their heart into it and that’s perhaps the most important thing.