India will be celebrating its 69th Republic Day on 26th of January, and like every year, we will spend it watching the parade, sharing patriotic quotes on Facebook and thanking the Indian army for ensuring our safety.


There will be debates about the burning topics and arguments about what’s wrong with our country, as we comfortably sit in our homes, enjoying the day off from work and college.

New Indian Express

In these discussions and debates, statuses and stories, there will be a group of people we will forget to mention, yet again.

These are the medics of the Indian army, who, while saving the lives of our saviors, put their own on the line. 


They are with the army men during the war and after that, to make sure that the soldiers, who are also sons to old parents, fathers to young children and husbands to brave wives, are able to return to their homes, in as good a state as possible.  

Here’s a short video celebrating these unsung heroes.