The 30th of January, 2019 was the 71st death anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi. 

Meanwhile, a right-wing organisation, the Hindu Mahasabha, celebrated his death by re-enacting his assassination by Nathuram Godse in Uttar Pradesh’s Aligarh.

According to NDTV, the organisation said that the 30th of January will be celebrated in the same manner every year and compared it to the immolation of Ravana on Dussehra. 


Now, if you think about Mahatma Gandhi’s assassination on a broader spectrum, it could be considered the first terrorist attack of independent India. 

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So why is celebrating an act of terrorism while shooting the effigy of the ‘Father of the Nation’ not considered to be seditious?

Meanwhile the Delhi Police has filed sedition charges against JNU students for allegedly shouting ‘anti-national’ slogans!

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Remember the JNU incident? Noted, that the matters of the case are still sub-judice and we have literally the same amount of information about it as the accused. 

Yup, Kanhaiya Kumar, in an interview with Mirror Now admitted that neither the accused or their lawyers have been provided with copies of the chargesheet. 

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The Supreme Court in its previous judgements has ruled that sedition only applies when there is incitement of violence. 

So, doesn’t celebrating the first and most infamous act of violence by a religious extremist in independent India contribute to it? 

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The Hindu Mahasabha regards the day of Mahatma Gandhi’s death as Shaurya Divas (Bravery Day), in honour of his murderer. 

I have no legal expertise on the matter and I do not claim otherwise. But sitting at a desk as a common man, it not only seems highly disrespectful, but also an encouragement to participate in violent events in the name of religion. 


Moreover, this comes at a time, when Dan Coats, the Director of National Intelligence of the US, has submitted a report stating that there was a strong possibility of communal violence in India if the ruling party stressed on Hindu nationalist themes ahead of the general elections in May. 

You might think that it’s just the act of a fringe group. So why should we namedrop the ruling party here? 

Well, because the fringe group leaders, specifically the one who shot the effigy, were seen hanging out with top BJP leaders like Shivraj Singh Chauhan and Uma Bharti. 

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And even though the Hindu Mahasabha remains to be a fringe group with no legal powers, they become a significant force by association with elected members of the assembly. 

Does it not concern the nationalist party at the centre that such blatant celebration of murder can cause unrest ahead of elections and be termed ‘anti-national’?

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After all, the murder of Mahatma Gandhi was carried out by a religious fanatic, who belonged to the same fringe group.

While the police have registered cases against 13 members of the Hindu Mahasabha, only two have been arrested. 

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Besides, the flagbearers of ‘nationalism’ on prime time TV shows are yet to be seen condemning the incident.