I’m so thankful that India gave zero to the world. How else would we have enjoyed that bliss known as zero period?

Yes, for the uninitiated ones, zero period used to be this free period of sorts that used to begin right before the classes. It was basically reserved for practice sessions for cultural and/or sports events.

Yes, for people participating in cultural events, it used to be like any other period where they used to slog it out.

But for the others, it used to be a mini-vacation.


It was the one period where there used to be no interference by the teachers. Simply because even the teachers didn’t know what to do with us during that time. Which is why most of us used to spend the time bonding with each other.


We could change our seats to sit with our friends. Because more often than not, it used to be a substitute teacher who used to come. 

A substitute teacher who had no idea why our class teacher had made us sit far apart from our best friends in the first place.  

Aww yeah!

East Coast

Of course there were some who used to ‘wisely’ spend the zero period finishing up their homework.

Like why? Why would you do that, man? Don’t you love yourself? Why u no respect zero period’s sanctity?

Yes, school life was awesome. And zero period was one of the biggest reasons why.