Despite what the old wives tell you, masturbation won't cause blindness or infertility; nor will it cause your "willy" to fall off. Instead, the 'divine act' of self-pleasure has numerous health benefits attached to it. So, irrespective of whether you're left-handed, right-handed or both handed, it is good to unzip and unwind, once in a while!

Here are some benefits of masturbation:

1. Helps prevent prostate cancer

It flushes out disease-causing toxins in the urogenital tract.

Source: My Ageless Beauty

2. Keeps depression and stress under check

No wonder you don't see young men being depressed/stressed for long!

Source: Hexjam

3. Enhances immunity

Say no to "Chyawanprash" and yes to... you know what!

Source: Hipwee

4. Boosts mood(s!)

Masturbation is the biggest non-drug blast of dopamine that you can get!

Source: Debrief Daily

5. Improves sperm quality and motility

It also helps release the residual sperms in the seminal tubes, paving way for "better" sperms to be released.

Source: Ebay

6. Prevents erectile dysfunction

Masturbation works out the pelvic floor muscles, thereby preventing erectile dysfunction.

Source: Flickr

7. Reduces nasal congestion

A study says that masturbation can help clear the nasal tract and combat common cold symptoms!

Source: Sunnybrook

So what are you waiting for? Time to get to work!