In association with Durex India

When it comes to relationships, one can never go wrong with the classic rule of three to keep things easy and breezy – Romantic dinners, a surprise gift now and again, and uh… I think we’re forgetting something, oh yeah, A HEALTHY SEX LIFE! No matter how much we try, keeping the vibe fresh in the bedroom can be a real struggle. And according to Durex’s latest survey, 74% of Indians confessed wanting to try something new to improve their sex life. This means that 3/4th of all the couples out there are itching to break free from the boredom! But can it truly happen?

Let’s start with what we know! When it comes to sex it can never be about getting from point A to point B, it’s about the chemistry and intimacy that two people share in bed. Over time though, it often gives way to predictable patterns, turning what used to be exhilarating into something that feels almost like a chore. This shift also naturally creates issues of emotional and physical disconnect, which can hamper any romantic relationship.

But what’s Durex got to do with this? Well, Durex, is an absolute champion of breaking the chains of predictable sex with their brand messaging. And they want to do it once more through its new mysterious teaser called “Explorers Wanted for Secret Destination”. Speaking up on a topic that needs to be vocalized. Durex is looking for explorers to be agents of this change, who are ready to turn up the heat, and take the fight to vanilla sex. But who are these explorers? And what is this mission? This is where we are as clueless as you. Is it a new campaign? A product launch? or even better, some kind of reality show? We’ll just have to wait and watch.

All we know so far, and don’t ask us ‘how’, is that you should keep tabs on influencer duos @bruisedpassports, @unplannedby, and @the.vogue.vanity, who have been dropping some steamy hints on what Durex might be upto. Check them out here.

Clearly, all of them are hinting at something to do with exploring the secret destinations that Durex wants us to go to! And watching these reels have only left us feeling more restless about the big reveal. We can’t wait to know more about what Durex is going to do with these influencers and where the secret destination is!

What do you think Durex has planned for us? Let’s get this conversation started and turn our boredroom into a bedroom again!