Weaponised incompetence, no regard for consent, and more, women have kept their mouths closed for years about behaviours that many men engage in which cost us our mental health (sometimes even physical health). And this Reddit thread we’ve stumbled across is definitely a moment of truth about such traits, here, take a look:

1. “Entitlement. Learned helplessness. Weaponized incompetence.”


2. “Lack of emotional openness/intelligence.”


3. “My old boss would come up behind me at my desk and start rubbing my shoulders.. he was in his 60s, I was in my 20s. We were in sales, and he would always ‘joke’ about helping them make sales by going and ‘Sitting on the client’s lap and whispering sweet nothings in his ear.’


4. “I HATE when men touch my waist. You’re immediately a creep in my eyes.”


5. “When they generalise all women or treat women as some mysterious ‘other.’ When they don’t understand the need for enthusiastic consent. When they view women based on their personal desire for her without respect for her humanity.”


6. “Men who whine and cry about wanting traditional women, but they are not traditional men. All they want is someone to cater to them, they don’t actually want traditional women or to be traditional.”


7. “Guys who say, ‘You’re so easy to talk to!’ When they haven’t asked me a single question in 2 hours.”


8. “‘I’m a nice guy and an alpha male. So you have to date me and have sex with me any time I demand it.’ I wish I was kidding…”


9. “When they tell me about their sexual encounters, as if I should be impressed?”


10. “How so many of them act like the world is going to end if they don’t get their d*cks touched. Pressuring their wives for sex shortly after they’ve had a baby, cheating on or outright leaving their wives if they’re ill or going through something because they don’t have the energy or desire for sex. For so many men it’s an automatic deal breaker if sex isn’t constant.”


11. “When they carry on trying to flirt with you when you’re clearly displaying a lack of interest. That and playing devil’s advocate when discussing political/ social issues.”


12. “Listening to other men (often toxic ones) about what women want/do and NOT believing women when they state their own preferences. It blows my mind that many guys don’t believe what a woman says about HERSELF, as a woman, because it doesn’t match what some random dude looking for SM views told them.”


13. “Im fairly short. I don’t know why some men think it’s fine to pat me on the head. Like I’m not a dog and you shouldn’t do that to children either.”


14. “I only recently started to point out how ‘I couldn’t find the cleaning products’ is not actually a valid reason to never do chores.”


15. “Following/liking thirst traps on social media. Showing off what and who you jack off to is fucking gross.”


16. “I have a sticky post on my profile about all the men that have sent me unsolicited pictures of their genitals, I’m close to getting 100.”


17. “Not respecting boundaries or the word ‘No.’


18. “Misogyny.”


19. “Having the ‘It’s not important to me so it’s not important’ mentality.”


Please don’t be like this?