Can you learn to love someone? This hilariously warm account by Rakesh Tiwari will tell you it happened to him.

As part of Kahaaniya – A Storytelling Show By Tape A Tale, storyteller Rakesh Tiwary shared his piece titled, Arranged Marriage Waala Pyaar. And his hilariously warm account will melt your heart.

He starts his piece by reciting that before he could enjoy his singlehood, his relationship status was turned from bachelor to married, and he had to accept the fate as it came. 

He had no desire to marry, but a sick father’s request left him little choice. However, the girl he got married to was extremely beautiful. 

He was acutely aware that per the societal standards of beauty, he and his wife were a match made over hawan and not heaven, but the two were willing to embark on the journey together. 

And in this journey, it was their mutual love for dance that first helped turn strangers into companions. Sadly, his love for dancing overpowered his dancing skills by a long shot. 

And yet, his wife was such a brilliant dancer, that together the two managed to win various Navratri dance competitions 8 years in a row. 

But the ninth year, when they had become parents to a young daughter and his wife was sure that winning dancing competitions was a life they’d left behind – he managed to surprise everyone, including the organizers. 

However, as he lay at home, basking in his wife’s happiness at having won the ninth award, he realized that over the years the two had won much more than just dance competitions. 

Rakesh Tiwari’s is a jovial storyteller, who hilariously compares his anecdotes to Bollywood and cricket, and thus, manages to touch a chord will all listeners. However, it is how he takes his arranged marriage experience to share a valuable life lesson, in the end, that truly touches your heart. 

You can listen to the complete poem here:

Design credits: Kumar Sonu