Relationships are not a cakewalk. It is perfectly normal for relationships to hit blocks and for people to need advice. But sometimes not every piece of advice you receive is helpful.

We compiled a list of 18 commonly shared pieces of relationship advice that Redditors strongly disagree with. And it low-key makes sense too.

1. “Opposites don’t really attract.” – Warm-Beat-1053

2. “Always see the other’s point of view. I’m sorry, but if she is mad at me because I cheated on her in a dream, I’m not going to sit there and act like I need to explain why I cheated on her in a dream.” – Kingjoe97034

3. “Lazy wishful thinking disguised as advice. Stuff like “you’ll eventually find someone”, “no need to rush because there’s no time/age for love”. Either that or lazy dismissive generalizations, like “know how to take pictures, get dressed and do basic hygiene”, as if people are lecturing cavemen on relationships 101.” – frequentcrawler

4. “ “Follow your heart.” Sometimes our feelings blind us from emotional abuse, red flags, abusive behaviours, etc. When people show you who they are, believe them.” – okkin93

5. “I would say relationships require work, but it is never a struggle. Discussion, planning, and finding where you fit in the relationship is work, but it’s fun. Like building a LEGO set.” – Shepsus

6. “Don’t go to bed angry. Sleeping on a problem provides cooling off time.” – mustang6172

7. “Avoiding conflicts at all costs. If anything, standing up for yourself and fighting (when the situation calls for it!) is important. Not talking it out is so toxic. If I’m being mistreated and my SO says nothing – then it’s okay and important to be angry and to say something. I want someone I can tell that they’re messing up, who will tell me the same, but who will ALSO not threaten to leave me if I do something wrong.” – Cassiopeia9191

8. “Sacrifice is important for a relationship to be. This is not right, once you start sacrificing your happiness, you won’t be happy. Eventually you’ll become grumpy and irritating which will destroy your relationship.” – Be_youSF

9. “Waiting a certain amount of time before answering his texts, so he doesn’t think you’re desperate. I hate this.” – Anonymous

10. “Acting aloof/hard to get. Why the hell shouldn’t somebody know that I am into them? I want to know if they’re into me too, so that we can happily be into each other or continue along our merry way.” – plutonium743

11. “Drop hints instead of asking for what you want. Playing games to test loyalty. For women who date men: the idea that you’re responsible for being more emotionally mature to maintain relationship harmony. He can’t do it because he’s just a poor fragile man with a brittle ego.” – BlueBerryJazz

12. “If he really likes you, he’ll make the first move. F*** that. Plenty of men are shy, or afraid of “reading the signs” wrongly or whatever. If I want to make the first move, I will. If he’s the kind of guy who doesn’t like that, we’re not going to be compatible anyway.” – aarwen

13. “Wait X number of days between dates. If I like someone, I want to see them as much as possible.” – RagingFuckalot

14. “Not just for women, but the whole “time will fix everything!” No. Sitting on your ass won’t get you the results you want, doing something about it will.” – chzburgerprostitute

15. “Not sure if this is advice, but I don’t agree AT ALL with telling your friends or even just best friend about every single aspect in the relationship. Is the relationship between y’all or y’all and everyone else? Not everyone needs to know your business.” – No_Concentrate_8386

16. “Just talk it out. Well yeah, but can I be left the f*** alone for a bit though? Because talking it out, right now, when my anger level is at 10 probably isn’t productive. So leeeeeeeave me alone, we don’t need to talk immediately.” – ffreudiannipss

17. “Just be yourself. Sometimes people use it to justify being selfish and lazy.” – londongarbageman

18. “Stay together for the kids. DO NOT DO THIS. Your kids pick up on a lot, and they’ll be able to tell that mommy and daddy can’t stand each other anymore. I’m such a better parent, now that I’m not with my ex anymore because I like being home and I’m not miserable in a relationship I hate. Don’t let anyone guilt you into staying in a shit-awful relationship just because you have kids together.” – Anonymous

Which common relationship advice do you disagree with from the bottom of your heart?