It all starts with a casual ‘Hi’ or ‘Hello’. An informal, platonic way of greeting that doesn’t say much, except, “Hey, we’ve matched, so let’s just make polite conversation.” 

Thanks to Tinder and other such apps, dating has now become a futile task with no emotions or romance. We look at faces on the app, gauge their interests, scrutinise their mutual friends and left swipe one name after the other, before adding one to the cart of prospective lovers. 

Tech Crunch

About 10 years ago, things were so different. People had the courage to ask a stranger sitting in a cafe out for a date. Because there wasn’t really an option, right? They would approach a girl they saw at the bar and ask for her number. But now, if a guy or a girl does that, they’ll most probably come across as desperate or creepy.  

Love Banget

A young couple met on a dating app called Bumble and hit it off quite well, thanks to their mutual interests of talking about the banalities of modern dating and how impersonal it has become. Reading their conversations might just make you want to approach that stranger you’ve been looking at all this while. 

Thought Catalog

Well, we hope these guys finally got the chance to meet each other. 

The mechanization of dating has made life seem even more mundane. Though it’s a sad state of affairs, it’s also the result of our laziness and over-dependence on technology. 

So just maybe it’s time you gave a real person a real chance of getting to know you personally? Maybe it’s time to take just a tiny little step into reality? 

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