Sick and tired of being surrounded by couples who met online through dating apps while your thumb muscles are cramped from all that swiping? 

Join the club, my friends. You’re not alone.  


While the entire world is falling in love, online. I’m just falling deeper for my pajamas and Netflix by the passing day. And it’s not my fault, y’all!


So earlier this week, while I was attending my acquaintance’s wedding, I realised that these lovebirds met on Tinder.  


That’s when it hit me, everybody who matches on Tinder is either getting married or moving in together.

All I’m getting is catfished by my potential dates. 

And to put the cherry on top, I was third-wheeling with my best friend and her boyfriend on the wedding. No points for guessing, they ALSO met online.  


So now, I’m basically surrounded by people who’ve found LOVE on these online dating websites while I’m struggling for some validation. 

While the entire world around me manages to find stable, successful people, I only click with either fuckbois, creepo uncles or guys who have DP-ed their wedding pictures.

And then I’m just like, ‘Boy Bye’.


Like WHY IS THIS HAPPENING TO ME? Why can’t my online cupid find me the perfect match? Why is it shooting sloppy arrows? 

Why is my online cupid doing this to me? 

Do you want to know the worst part? I have shuttled between  Bumble and Hinge only to find the SAME lot of guys that I’ve swiped left to EVERYWHERE. 


When will my ‘Mr Right Swipe’ turn out to be a DECENT man, like is that too much to ask for? Like has the whole idea of a decent gentleman become a myth? 


You know what, maybe we’re hitting a dating apocalypse and every decent man we find online is either dating, married, a fuckboi or gay. 


Infact, you know what? PLEASE DON’T MARRY YOUR TINDER MATCHES like just enroll on fu**n matrimonial sites if you’re looking for a ‘life partner’. 


Do you think we should give up ladies?