It’s considered the most important rule in relationships. 

Always share everything with the one you love. Be honest and truthful at all times. Never hide anything. Your partner is the one person you can go with anything, right? 


Practically speaking, you can’t tell your partner everything. And there’s nothing wrong with that! 


There’s a lot that happens in everyone’s life, every single day. 

From work woes to traffic troubles, no two days are alike. Add to that the zillion perils of social media and what you get is a day that’s brimming with activities. 

Now, think about it – how much of your day can you ACTUALLY share with your partner? 

I’m not talking about the bigger, more consequential things here. If you lost someone in the family, you’ll certainly need a shoulder to cry on. Your friend is getting married? You’d certainly call your Bae. Had a crappy day at work? Boyfriend/girlfriend to the rescue. 

But what about the smaller, less-significant things? 


An ex who ‘liked’ an old picture. The office hottie who commented on your Snapchat story. The person you checked out at the gym. Your old crush who’s now single. 

Do you really want to share these things with your partner? 

Also, there’s a whole bunch of other things. 

The secret your best friend shared with you. Your mother’s emotional rant because your father did something insensitive. Or, something you did that you’re sure your partner will judge you for. 

Should you really share these things with your significant other?


Without a doubt, honesty is one of the most important building blocks for any relationship. It’s imperative that you both have a completely transparent communication channel and the space to share no matter what! 

But then, there’s something to be said about smart-sharing, right?

We all have our secrets. Things we’d rather not tell anyone. Not our Mom and Dad. Not our best friend. Not even our boyfriend or girlfriend. 

There are also things that others have told us in complete confidence. And even for those things, there’s no conditions-apply. 


It’s time pop culture stopped making us feel bad about hiding things from our partners. 

If you’re hiding another relationship or a secret fling, that’s horribly wrong. But if you’re not sharing something just because it could upset your partner or cause some friction, it ain’t such a bad thing. 

Relationships are tricky. And the only way to make it work is to share what’s supposed to be and not what’s best kept a secret. 

As they say, some things are better left unsaid!