Love, trust, honesty, loyalty, and security go hand in hand in a relationship. If you lose even one of these, it ruins everything. And being cheated by someone you love breaks your heart into pieces. While love comes easy to those- who can afford to be loyal to their partner. 

Nonetheless, it comes with no guarantee, and sometimes people betray you. People on Reddit are sharing the dumbest reason their partners gave for cheating, and it’s heartbreaking. 

1. “The dumbest one: I was in the bathtub, my ex came in, slipped, and fell with her mouth on my dick. I swear. A most common one: I was drunk and thought it was you.”


2. “That he was so in love with me, that the overpowering emotion intimidated him, and he had to cheat to regain control… of his love for me.”


3. “I had a friend cheat on her boyfriend and tried to justify it by saying she had never slept with a white guy before. Said that to me and incredibly tried to use that on him too.”


4. “He had to prove to himself that he loved me by sleeping with my friend. The logic was that if he cheated on me and felt bad he would know that he really was into me. He actually came to my place the next day to give me the good news.”


5. “It means I love you more. I may mess around with other girls but at the end of the day, I’ll always come home to you and choose to stick with you.”


6. “I’m just on tinder to confirm that there’s nothing better out there. It helps me appreciate you more.”


7. “My ex told me that he was chatting with other women on dating sites because he needed someone to talk to when I was busy with the kids.”


8. “That my libido was so high that he needed a break by screwing another woman. Yes, you read that right. ‘I’m tired of you wanting sex all the time so I needed to have more sex because we’re having too much sex’.”


9. “Afterwards when admitting, he said to me “I wasn’t even hard” “I couldn’t finish” “I was thinking of you the whole time” Like thanks, how considerate.”


10. “Ex-girlfriend cheated when I fell asleep. . . said “Since I wasn’t responding, she assumed I was doing the same, so she cheated.” wack.”


11. “It was my first relationship. I got the hang of giving blowjobs. My boyfriend assumed it was because I was cheating on him and proceeded to cheat on me for the entire duration of our relationship, I found out in an angry email he sent me three years after we broke up.”


12. “He used to sneak away when he thought I was asleep and go into the bathroom. Stayed awake one night, caught him talking on the phone to a girl, he told me he was talking to himself.”


13. “I actually just found out I got cheated on a couple of days ago. Her excuse was “the relationship was dead” well maybe for you it was. Safe to say, it definitely is now.”


14. “My ex told me he didn’t want to lose me or his other girlfriend, he liked us both and “wanted us both in his life.” He was dating her when he met me, I genuinely had no clue until we broke up.”


15. “Caught him talking to sex workers on a messaging app and asking them to meet up. Confronted him. His response: I didn’t do anything stupid, I just wanted to brag to my friends.”


16. “You wouldn’t forgive me for the first time, so I might as well keep doing it.” Apparently, it hurt his feelings that I was upset at being cheated on so he cheated some more. Also, “she didn’t make me feel guilty for how I messed up before.”


17. “Definitely would be when I was admitted into a psychiatric hospital after a suicide attempt and not even two days of being in there my ex cheated on me. He said he felt lonely and didn’t know how long I was going to be in there for… Yeah glad to say we aren’t together now.”


18. “It was her birthday.” Apparently the one thing she just really wanted was a kiss from my bf at the time, she was a friend of mine and his ex from several years ago.”


19. “You weren’t there.” As in physically at that very moment. Because I wasn’t there, it was my fault of course. All my exes cheated and they all said the same thing. When I asked simply why they didn’t call me, they all said they didn’t think to do that. Cool.”


20. “My girlfriend at the time and I were at a concert. I lost her for 1 set and then caught her making out with her friend. She told me she had cancer and wanted to experience as much as she could before she died. We then broke up (of course) and months later she told me that a priest cured her cancer and that she wanted to get back together.”


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