While you might be swiping right and left on your dating apps and checking if they like the same things as you do, excuse yourself cuz these things don’t matter to find a perfect match y’all.      

A new study has recently revealed that more than any other thing, whether it is liking similar things or being similar to each other, finding a nice and pleasant partner is the most important factor for compatibility.   

The author of the study added

People invest a lot in finding someone who’s compatible, but our research says that may not be the end all be all. Instead, people may want to ask, ‘Are they a nice person?’ ‘Do they have a lot of anxiety? 

This research was conducted to measure the personality traits on well-being in more than 2,500 heterosexual couples who have been married roughly for 20 years.  

This concluded that even the couples who have a similar personality, a partner who is nice leads to higher levels of satisfaction in a relationship.   

The author also mentioned

When you start to get into creating algorithms and psychologically matching people, we actually don’t know as much about that as we think we do. We don’t know why the heart chooses what it does, but with this research, we can rule out compatibility as the lone factor. 

So if you think that having an especially extroverted person will spice up your relationship (if opposite attracts is something you believe in), think again.