Love is a beautiful feeling. 

We might have heard this phrase countless times but we only believe it when we experience it for real. The butterflies in the stomach and the warm, fuzzy feeling when that special person is around are just too real to be ignored. 

Remember the initial days when you were always happy around them, even in their absence, and nothing could bring down your mood? Don’t you wish you could feel like that throughout the relationship? Well, the key to a happy relationship that is as good as new is the small gestures that you do for each other. You might not realize it, but your partner will cherish them forever.  

Here are some adorable illustrations by hPolaw that perfectly show these little nuances that make for a happy and healthy relationship:


1. Surprising each other with little gifts


2. Falling off a small bed but never complaining


3. Exercising together and wasting all that time spent on the treadmill by eating junk later!


4. These kinda hugs are the best ones!


5. When you want to curl up in your blanket & do nothing, and bae agrees


6. Ruffling his hair is the best feeling in the world!


7. Because meeting bae is important, no matter how the weather is!

8. When she’s being too cute, but you know why!


9. He knows best how to make you feel better 


10. And lastly, being a little different from each other. Because that has its charm too!


It’s these little things that together make love!