First and foremost, our society is obsessed with sex and love but rarely do we have a healthy conversation about it. It’s a hush-hush topic, and most of us have to deal with bad experiences and heartbreaks to get through our love lives and sex. All this pain is because of the lies our culture has rooted in our minds.

We picked some of the most stupid lies our society taught us about romance & it’s time to unlearn it!

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1. “That “Friends First” is always the way for men to meet women. Be her really good friend first; and then she will get sexually attracted to you. She’ll see what a great guy you are. That you should “just be nice and just be yourself, and someday a woman will love you just for who you are.”


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2. “That woman cum just from penetration. While I’m sure there are women out there who experience that, a lot of us need our clits to be stimulated too.”


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3. “That the first time you have sex, you bleed and it is painful. This was not at all true for me, I quite enjoyed my first time and it wasn’t what I was expecting at all.”


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4. “That a good relationship is supposed to be easy. Relationships are hard and they take a lot of work from all those involved. You’re going to fight and you’re going to hate each other at times.”


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5. “That love is all you need to be with someone. Sometimes love isn’t enough to keep a relationship together. Sometimes you can love someone but not be good to or for them (and vice versa). Also, if it’s not, then that’s okay.”


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6. “A lot of people try to build up female sexuality into something mystical. A woman’s erogenous zone is her mind” and other shit like that. Also, “all women are different sexually” is a big lie. They’re mostly the same with trivial differences. 9 times out of 10 I can do the same thing more or less and make them cum.”


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7. “Women get hornier as they get towards 40″ is utter bullshit as well. Also, women are supposed to have a similar sex drive to men. My sex drives dwarfs any woman, by some distance.”


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8. “If you’re too ambitious you’re going to scare away all the men and end up alone. Glad I ignored that advice because as it turns out it’s one of my biggest selling points.”


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9. “That marriage changes your relationship! So many women I talk to say things like “wait till you get married.” But then I find out the types of things they fought about, and what it really boils down to is that women are taught that marriage is somehow more secure and better than a dating relationship. So they go into it expecting that suddenly the man they married will transform into this super romantic, idealized guy, when really it’s the same relationship but with matching rings.”


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10. “The existence of “The One”. No two people are “meant to be” or a “perfect match”. There are billions of people in the world, and every one of them matches you to a smaller or larger degree. During a lifetime you’ll meet many people who are a good match for you, trouble is you have to weed out a good many people who aren’t, to find them.”


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11. “That someone you have a lot in common with is the best match for you. It’s more someone with the same beliefs and long-term goals that will be a better match. If you want kids, where you want to live/type of environment, work/living standards, finances, etc.”


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12. “Just be yourself” really tops the list. We all know what they mean to say is “be the best possible version of yourself.”


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13. “That sex is easy for everyone and that people just have it whenever, however, with whoever. But no, a lot of people suffer from health and emotional problems, and medications, and it can be just as difficult as any other aspect of life. Even for young people, unfortunately.”


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14. “That vaginas are all the same general size and only men have a great degree of genital size variation. This is untrue. There are small, medium, and large penises and vaginas. None are good or bad, better or worse than others. Some match better than others.”


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15. “That talking during sex ruins the mood, that someone should just “know” what to do. The fact of the matter is that without communication the sex will always be meh.”


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16. “That your first time is going to feel amazing. For most people, it actually really hurts and takes time to get used to it. Needs lots of prep and Go slow! Don’t compare it to TV shows where everything looks magical.” 


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