Love knows no religion. But it’s hard to tell that to most Indian parents whose idea of ‘eligible matches’ start and end within their community.


News of inter-faith relationships is usually met with reactions that range from cold stares, lukewarm response, to: Are you out of your freakin’ mind?…ending with kamre main band kardo ise!

So it is always heartwarming to hear when parents come around on their own and accept the differences.

This is one such story where the lovable Mini Mathur recounts her ‘Mathur’ dad warming up to Mini’s off-beat career and her then-boyfriend, now husband, Kabir Khan in a video by Kommune, a performing arts collective.


She gives us some background on what a big deal this was as she starts off by explaining her dad’s pride in coming from a ‘pure Mathur lineage’.

And the peculiarities of the Mathur community.

But things slowly change one bit at a time, as the lovable dad starts accepting (and even taking pride in) Mini’s work on television.

We enjoyed the bits where he rejects potential ladkewalas for very funny reasons.

And finally when he makes this poignant remark about our differences.

Watch as she recalls breaking stereotypes in her clan- right from choosing an unconventional profession to marrying a pathan.