In the beginning, all sorts of crushes are exciting – you feel butterflies in your stomach every time you hear their voice, you plan your date night outfit for weeks and you get goosebumps as soon as you see them. However, getting over a crush? Nope, not at all exciting. 

Today, we stumbled upon a thread where people revealed what made them stop crushing on their crushes. Let’s see what people had to say, shall we? Read on.


1. “Time. Once you realize that you both won’t be together, it’s just a waiting game.”

– IcollyI

2. “There was a mutual expression of interest, but I never once felt wanted or desired. They never messaged first. They never showed any kind of interest in me apart from carrying on a conversation, only if I started it. I couldn’t do it. As someone who already struggles with self-love, if I’m going to be with someone, I need to feel like they actually want me. I don’t want to be kept guessing.”

– paracosmic_delight

3. “I was in high school and had been crushing on this girl all year. Then one day, I was working on my car in auto shop class and she comes walking through with a couple of her friends. I’m covered in grease, holding a starter and she looks at me and says “Aw, are you learning to fix the car?” like she was talking to a little kid. It came across so vapid and condescending that I basically felt the crush evaporate at that moment. It was so definite and freeing that I just laughed.”

– ill_timed_f_bomb

4. “I tried. I planned activities and dates, which she always cancelled. I just couldn’t keep running after her.”

– DominosPizzas

5. “My buddy and I both had a crush on the same girl. I agreed to back off because he hadn’t had much luck with women while I’d had a couple of girlfriends by then (we were 16 at the time). He was a good guy, just always on the shyer side and didn’t really open up until high school. So with my support, my buddy goes and asks the girl out and she laughs at him. So, needless to say, my crush on her quickly went away. The irony is (as I found out later) that she had a crush on me and wanted me to ask her out, but that door was slammed.”

– redpurplegreen22

6. “When I saw how badly they treated their mom, I figured I was going to be next.”

– pieway66

7. “He talked about himself non-stop for two hours.”

– Megmca

8. “He was aggressive in every aspect of his personality, once you got to know him. All his stories were fights he had won, he was always talking about how angry he was and how lame people I knew were. I was not impressed in the slightest.”

– HikingHarpy

9. “She always has a next boyfriend ready before even leaving her current boyfriend.”

– SmoothNothing4188

10. “In grade 2, I had a crush on this guy and I stopped liking him because he lied about having a thousand Pokémon cards.”

– iloverilakkuma

11. “We had a crush on each other, but one night, she told me that she didn’t believe that mental illness was real and people that had it were just making excuses. I have autism.”

– tittybuttmagee

12. “They always ignored me when their friends were around. Nothing crushes a crush like the feeling of being used and discarded.”

– LotusFlare

13. “Her friends told me that she was only hanging out with me to make her ex jealous.”

– Mr_Abe_Froman

14. “He only pretended to be progressive. I would have forgiven that if he was just some moderate left/right winger. But no, he was a full-on racist/homophobic.”

– Dumb_Vampire_Girl

15. “When he openly disrespected me in front of a bunch of friends at a party, trying to come across as an alpha male. It was disgusting behaviour to watch. The next day he called me, acting all sweet and trying to pretend what happened the night before never occurred. It was easy to get over him when I saw everything there was behind the mask.”


And then, there are people who don’t even have a crush, like me. *sad emoji*