When it comes to Indian parents, most would choose arrange over love marriage for their children – a sentiment not shared by a lot of children. Or at least, that’s what it looks like basis the responses on this Reddit thread, where someone asked the users if they trust their parents enough for choosing a life partner for them.

Read on.

1. “No. My parents married each other and obviously, they are not good judges of character.”

– notthatgreatdane

2. “They helped me to pick the first one. He was a family friend and they adored him. However, he was an abusive ass. I divorced him after five years. I picked the second myself. They had serious reservations. Now, we’ve been happily married for almost 29 years. So, that’s a hard no.”

– FireRescue3

3. “My mom set me up on a blind date recently. I am in my 40s. Contrary to what I thought of him when we first met, I actually really like him. I’m curious to see where this goes.”

– ives09

4. “Hell no. I don’t even trust anyone to order for me when eating out. Let alone to choose a life partner for me lol.”

– HonestThoreauAway

5. “Oh, hell no. I love my parents. But, they would definitely choose a good church boy, who’ll expect me to still be a virgin.”

– lalalameanslove

6. “My answer would be yes. I come from a cultural family and my parents know me well. They know my habits and dislikes. I trust my parents.”

– AdorableSwitchBrat

7. “No. I love my parents very much but there are some things that I look for in a life partner that I don’t need my parents to know about.”

– SweetGlasgowSmile

8. “No, my mom was married and divorced six times.”

– NoraSomething

9. “I wouldn’t even trust my parents to pick the colour of my socks.”

– doomdoggie

10. “No. I would be single forever because they don’t think anyone is good enough for me.”

– Mystique111Divine

11. “My mother couldn’t do much worse than I did. I’d give her a chance, yes.”

– Sea-General-4537

12. “Nope. My parents are very narrow-minded and don’t understand that you can’t judge someone by the way they look. They chose a guy for my sister and he looked all good but was an abusive piece of shit.”

– smartaxx47

13. “Maybe. I think they’d do a pretty good job of finding someone who shares my values and interests.”

– queenie_sabrina

14. “Yeah. My partner was introduced to me by my dad. We’ve been together for a little over a year now and I still can’t believe how I got such a great guy and how it all started with our dads being colleagues. It is not in my culture for parents to pick their children’s partners and I absolutely had the right to say no, but it is going great so far. So no regrets.”

– KopyKet

15. “Absolutely not. Having spent the last 2 decades watching them fail to communicate with each other and dislike each other, I definitely wouldn’t trust their judgement.”

– chocolate_effort

16. “Yes, because they tried to hook me up with successful sons of their friends and they were cute. Also, my parents have been married for 37 long years.”

– taylormarie2132

17. “I trust their judgement. So, if the partner I’ve chosen has a lot of red flags, I’d take them into consideration. But, I definitely wouldn’t want them picking him.”

– to-be-determined123

18. “My dad, absolutely. He and I share many values in common and I trust him to put my interests first and make careful and kind decisions. My mother, on the other hand, no.”

– YESmynameisYes

19. “Only people in fixed/arranged marriages do this, which I think is ridiculous like in Indian culture.”

– Purrtymeow04

20. “No, because I’m a lesbian and my dad’s taste in women is horrible.”

– alpalblue83

Would you trust your parents to choose a partner for you?