There’s no doubt that a car evokes an adventurous and thrilling sentiment in all of us. For several adventure seekers, exploring enigmatic pleasure in the backseat has become a trend. Now, we have listed down a set of things to consider before having sex in the car. Read on.


1. First things first, you have to be prepared in advance.

Let’s be honest, having sex in the car is a little more adventurous than doing it in a closed room. There are a number of dangers involved and you need to take care of them before doing the deed.

First, find a nice and secluded place so that you don’t get caught. Next, don’t do anything while moving and always switch off the car and use the parking brake. From the early morning bliss to the post-sunset session, pick the right slot to avoid a crowd. And, stock up on the essentials- condoms, lubes and sex accessories.

2. Backseats are always your best bet.

You never have a lot of space in the car and hence, it becomes a tad difficult to move around while having sex in the car. You never want to press the horn while making love, do you? 

The solution to avoid such a mortifying experience is to hop in the backseat for a wide space to comfortably make love to your partner. For maximum pleasure, fold the backseats down for more space and move the front seats as far as possible.

3. Your clothes would provide maximum support and comfort.

Being honest, having sex in the car cannot be awarded as the most comfortable thing ever. But, we can make it slightly better with our clothes. It may sound absurd but your clothes are going to play an important role during car sex, that’s right.

You can use the clothes as pillows to avoid your heads banging against the car interiors. If you have leather seats, the clothes can act as a barrier to avoid sweaty slipperiness. You can don some flowy and loose clothing for a quickie.

4. Shop a couple of sunshades or get your windows tinted.

You never want to make love while random strangers, or even worse- cops, look at you from the windows. To avoid that bizarre situation, shop a couple of sunshades or get your windows tinted for a private affair.

5. Always know your positions before getting started with it.

Like we mentioned earlier, we don’t have a lot of options to move around in a car. Therefore, it’s important to research and opt for the best and the most comfortable car sex positions that suit you both the best. 

You can always go with the evergreen missionary position or do doggy-style with the door open. You can check the best car sex positions here.

6. Don’t forget to make the most of the car.

Needless to mention, a car has several brilliant features. Yes, even for car sex.

You can always play with the temperature and seatbelts for that steamy hot session. Fix the rear-view mirror to catch a glimpse of your action. Also, you can open the sunroof and windows of your car and allow the sweat smell and steam to flow out.

7. Yes, make a brilliant sex playlist.

Never, I repeat never, trust the radio as it can kill your mood in a second. Talk through your partner and pick the upbeat songs that make you both energetic and hot.

8. Last but not least, have a lot of fun.

This is surely THE MOST important thing you should know before doing anything at all. Be comfortable, stick to the things that you feel equally pleasurable in and tell your partner if anything makes you uncomfortable. 

Now, if you have been planning a steamy ride in the romantic weather at a safe spot, these things will elevate your car sex game. You are welcome!