Jack fell in love with her at first sight. He sacrificed his life for Rose after just 5 days of knowing her. He fought till the end to be together.

Rose rebelled against her mother and dumped her wealthy, cocky fiancé to be with a homeless man who truly cared for her.

Their love was doomed but eternal; it made millions cry.


Yes, it sure does sound like the plot for a multiple Academy award-winning record-breaking box office-shattering Hollywood script. But can you imagine the same happening in today’s fast-moving world?

I mean, sure there’ll always be shining examples of love around us. But I’m talking in a more generic sense.

It’s so much about looking out for yourself and putting your priorities first. “Be practical” seems to be the new mantra.

Being pricey is cool. Hard-to-get does the trick.

I don’t even want to try an imagine Jack and Rose as a 2017 couple. The world would rub off on them and there’s a fat chance that their love would go flying out of the window. Or, dare I say, sink in the ocean.


In the real world, we fall in love differently. We handle relationships differently.

We’re a generation with no time for ‘bullshit’.

“He didn’t call, again!”

Bullshit. This is over.

“How dare she say that to me?”

Bullshit. This is over.

We’re giving up so easily, man. We’re letting go so fast.

Ego gets in the way. Anger takes over. Boredom kills. Miscommunication wins. Bonds break. People leave.


What about patience and respect? Honesty and selflessness?

We approach relationships with controlled emotions. It’s all about taking, not giving.

We pretend, and then some more.

Today’s world has toughened us up. People are over-cautious and trust less now. Skepticism and paranoia is normal.

Something trivial like having an upper hand has become a universal goal.

‘Taking it easy’ has become the trend. We care about the other till a certain point, at least initially. Then we stop.

I’m not saying that we’re a cruel, heartless bunch of assholes. Sure, we know how to give a shit but aren’t we also a lot more cynical?

Memes about “not giving a flying fuck” and “being outta the door” at the slightest slipup are getting the maximum number of ‘likes’.

It all sounds so gangster, right?

That says a lot about how we think.

The greatest love stories in literature, cinema and other arts weren’t built on the idea of escapism. Those characters stuck it out, through thick and thin. That’s how they became iconic.

Towards the end of Titanic, both Jack and Rose could’ve saved themselves. Rose didn’t have to jump back into the ship and Jack didn’t have to freeze his balls off.

But they did it for each other. They demonstrated the kind of sacrifices we just can’t make anymore.

Small misunderstandings quickly escalate into big fights. Neither end is willing to shut up and listen. Oh no, that would be stepping down. And we’re too awesome to do that.

From what I see online day and night, it’s considered quite ‘desirable’ to be somewhat aloof, somewhat detached. Testing waters is very necessary.


Modern ideologies come with too many issues and expectations, rules and baggage.

A century-old Rose carried memories of Jack in her heart for more than 80 years after he was gone. Today, it takes zero time to make a decision and walk out on a partner.

It’s so easy to forget about someone. The game is over before you know it.

The moment one is an ‘ex’, we’re all about the ‘next.’

Despite need for unconditional love, we play the blame game too often. We think about breaking up at the slightest provocation.

Then how in the world will ‘true love’ happen?


Let’s not fuck with each other’s minds. Let’s deal with our own insecurities first. Let’s learn to wait for good things.

We don’t live in La La Land. There’s no magic outside fantasy.

Then why do we make do with wishful thinking about lasting love and unfaltering commitment.

Many of us go by our rules when we’re young and eventually settle for someone when “it’s time”. We go through person after person, never really giving our absolute best to any.

We’re busy with life and keep everything fast-paced, including our relationships.


A practical attitude at work is very different from a practical attitude with a lover. We’re too focused on being the free-spirited souls, the independent millennials. We can be selfish.

Maintaining the ‘devil-may-care’ attitude is an overrated habit now. Maybe we could do with fixing it up a little.

No one can stay without love. Everyone needs someone.

Let’s go a bit old school again and maybe take a leaf or two out of granny-grandpa’s book. They knew how to make it work, goddammit.


If something is meant to last, it will. Even if it doesn’t, we’ll be fine anyway. But the least we can do is try.