If you are an unmarried couple in India, just remember it’s a crime to spend time with your partner. You will be looked down upon if you are publicly seen holding hands. You cannot be seen in parks because you make people around you uncomfortable. Also, how can you forget about the ‘No Kissing Zone’ policy!

In yet another shocking incident, an unmarried interfaith couple was denied entry into a hotel room. 

A Reddit user who witnessed the incident shared that the couple had already booked the room via OYO. However, after looking at their IDs at the reception, the owner denied the stay to the couple.

Clearly mentioning that they can’t provide room because they are from different religions.

Here’s the whole story:

Case in point: This is downright unconstitutional as no law prohibits unmarried couples from staying together or checking into a hotel. People on Reddit are calling out this incident, and here’s what they have to say:

How low can we stoop?

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