It’s no surprise that sex toys are a major taboo in Indian society. When people are found to use them, they are dismissed as perverts or promiscuous. However, the lack of conversation around sexual products creates a massive gap in the spread of accurate information and which could have detrimental effects on sexual health and well being. 

Here are 6 common myths about sex toys, busted:

1. They are not legal.

Wrong! There are no explicit legislative provisions in India that distinctly prohibit or permit the sale of sex toys. That being said, Section 292 of the Indian Penal Code can be invoked to limit the sale, exhibition, advertising, import or export of sex toys on grounds of obscenity. Oftentimes you’ll find them listed under the category of massagers or in disguised packaging. 

2. If you use them, you’re lonely.

LOL no. First of all, sex toys are not about filling an emotional void but more about discovering and embracing your own sexuality. It signifies that you have the agency to take your sexual satisfaction into your own hands. And secondly, you can also use it with your partner to explore new and exciting sensations with them.

3. They lower your sex drive.

Quite the contrary, sex toys can actually help revive your libido. They help you identify your pleasure points, stimulate nerve endings and also delay ejaculation in men so you can experience higher levels of arousal and orgasm better.

4. They stretch out a woman’s vagina.

Ladies give your vagina some credit. Your vagina is extremely elastic. Neither toy, nor a penis, nor an entire human being can permanently stretch out your vagina. It’s designed to accommodate a lot more than a meagre sex toy. 

5. Men who use sex toys are gay or bisexual.

Not only is the statement fictitious, but it’s also outright homophobic. Different men have different erogenous zones, and much like women, they do have pleasure points that most men are afraid to tap into. Conventional heteronormative sex is not the only way. There’s a lot more unchartered territory that is yet to be discovered as a result of societal stigma and inherent homophobia. Sex toys help can help you navigate that.

6. If you use sex toys, you are no longer a virgin.

First of all, virginity as a concept is derogatory and designed to label women. A woman’s virginity is not a prized possession or a badge of honour, nor is it a measure of self-worth as many women are manipulated into believing. But that being kept aside, sex is an intimate act between two human parties. Thus, using a sex toy does not signify a loss of virginity. 

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