It’s an oft-repeated question.

Two people fell in love. But after some time, it ended. 

But just because it ended, does it mean it wasn’t love? 

Are love stories only ‘love stories’ if they go on till the end of time?

There are many reasons for a break-up. 

One of them moved, to a different place or a different person.

Or, because you fell out of love and even when breaking their heart was the most difficult thing you had to do, you knew it was the right thing to do.

Maybe it was an amicable separation, and you were both ready to move on.

Hundreds of stories end every single day due to circumstances that are out of anyone’s control. But just because they ended, they can’t suddenly stop being love stories!

Is it essential for it to last ‘forever’, just to qualify as true love? 

You bought into the fairy tale romance and set your expectations to never be fulfilled, but you could not control what your heart felt. And you fell for them!

Did you define a timeline in your head? Did you know at that moment when you experienced your first kiss, that this was going to be the only person you’ll ever kiss?

No, you didn’t! But you still went ahead with it, because it felt right… because at that moment that was the greatest love that you were experiencing. 

And even though it ended, you remember certain dates, moments, gifts, memories with a bittersweet smile. 


You can’t label every past love a ‘mistake’ and forget about it. Because at some point in your life, it was special and memorable.

Death steals from a person just as swiftly as any other separation. But love has the power to continue in ways that can never be defined and put in a box.

You know that a love can be intense, and powerful, and immemorial even when it does not hold the ‘forever’ tag.

You know that it is just as natural to fall in love, as it is to fall out of it. But you’re still falling out of LOVE. 

The kind of love that you were lucky to have felt in a short span of time, when people spend their whole lives not knowing it can exist.

It does not have to last forever, for it to be called love!