The top millennial problem seems to be the quick level of absorption. It seems like we are slowly turning into a creed of people who take whatever is on offer, quickly weigh the pros and cons, and then pre-plan what to do next once it comes to an end. And the confusion is in the fact that we crave stability and adventure, both at the same time. 

And when we see an elderly couple like this, dance away to glory in their well calculated and practiced steps, we wonder if we’ll ever find the same kind of joy in our lives. 

They were on point with their twirls and made many a guest look their way in longing. 

The video which was shared by Madhuri Prativadi on the 14th of November, on Facebook, has gone viral since then, with more than 90,000 views and 2000 shares. 

The couple seem oblivious to everyone around them, and their well rehearsed steps, can give anyone a complex. 

Watch this lovely couple dance away to glory in this video.

So happy are the steps in love!