We know you have swiped through Tinder, Bumble, Hinge etc. Don't lie. From downloading only "out of curiosity", swiped through a friend's phone for fun or used seriously to find someone.

These apps today are looks-based. Your curated profile with a choice of pictures and a few words are all that's going to define whether or not someone will talk to you. However, some people are...strange.

Here are some weird things people received on dating apps-

1. What city are you from? The audacity.

2. r/im13andthisisdeep vibes

3. The only priority on dating apps

4. Low effort but at least there is improvement...somewhat

5. Truly mislead

This sounds like...

Source: Genius

6. Respect is #1 for relationships

7. I am a car guy, my favourite is McQueen

8. That is just rude

9. *block*

10. C for Catfish

11. The quest to find love is paved with strange people

12. The cost of love

13. *Report and block*

14. Thank you for the unsolicited feedback

15. Tinder needs better age policies

16. That escalated fasr

17. Sweet Home Alabama

18. This is unfortunately very normal for queer women

19. Because people do not have lives outside dating apps, right?

20. Classism is not attractive

No online dating for us, thank you!