You had a tough week at work and to de-stress you need a trip to the spa. As the massager glides their fingers up and down your body, you feel uhm.. orgasmic enough? What if I tell you you can incorporate these sensations into your bedroom and ramp up your steamy 'session'? 

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If feeling turned on by mere sounds like an idea of an imbecile to you right now then read what sexologist Mal Harrison has to say:

ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) is a physical reaction of tingly, warm, euphoric, relaxing sensations triggered by sound and/or sight

ASMR has non-sexual triggers ranging from whispering, blowing, scratching, tapping to writing, crunching, typing, clock ticking.

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Yes, ASMR can be pleasurable but it can't instantly make you so horny that you are ready-to-masturbate. BUT! Those sensations can send you in a deep state of relaxation and when people are most relaxed, intimacy or perhaps sex can easily come by.

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If you aren't sure what in ASMR would interest you, simplest way to find that out is by exploring a range of music, ideally with headphones and see what triggers your sensation. Spotify has many ASMR tracks, in case you plan to get started. 

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You can then transit into physical touch by softly teasing your partner (or yourself) all over, start quite gently though. ASMR is basically a sensory foreplay before you indulge into the actual foreplay. 

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Any external stimulus that makes you more aware of new sensations heightens your sensory awareness. And this is the core of any sexual play. Hence, ASMR is effective.

But also note that the intensity of tingles and shivers differs from person to person, and what triggers you with ASMR may not trigger someone else.

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Sex doesn’t just need to be in the mundane format of kissing, touching, oral, intercourse, climax and boom, it's over. It has to be erotic. Indulging into ASMR could bring out human sensuality in ways that once you get it right, there's no turning back.

Should've known about ASMR way before, right?