There is no doubt that the tiniest of things can actually be a game-changer in bed. From saying oh-so-cute things to making little gestures, here are people who revealed a number of wholesome things their partner did for them in bed.

1. “FWB got up afterwards and went to the kitchen. She came back with a plate of cut-up fruit about ten minutes later. She laid next to me and fed me while we cuddled. It’s been over ten years and I still remember it like it was yesterday.”

2. “Almost every time we have sex my boyfriend stops and just looks at me or my body for a minute. I’m always like “what?” and he’ll just shake his head in disbelief and go “I can’t believe you’re this beautiful and I get to do this with you right now.” I’m very lovey dovey but he’s usually the one to stop during sex to hug me and tell me he loves me. I have a really shitty dad so affection from a man was hard for me to accept.”

3. “I made an offhand negative comment about my body during a position switch with a very handsome ONS and that man picked me up, set me down in front of a mirror and said “look at yourself, see what I see” and then fucked the daylights out of me. I haven’t really struggled with confidence since, and I’m nowhere near as “perfect” anymore. Wherever you are, thank you.”

4. “Turning my head to the side in prone and staring into my eyes, kissing me occasionally.”

5. “Every time a male partner cums and then spends time finishing me off. Extreme green flag.”

6. “I tried anal with him for the first time, it was the most consensual sex I’ve ever had, he asked how I was feeling every 30 seconds.”

7. “My current partner will pause his intense pounding to tilt my head towards his so he can brush my hair out of my eyes and face, then kiss me as he starts back up again.”

8. “He lives in an apartment on the 45th floor and wanted to have sex on his balcony, so he bought me a Snuggie to wear during it so I wouldn’t get cold.”

9. “I thought my period had ended. But apparently not, because after riding him, I noticed his belly button was red. We had met on Tinder and had established a friendship, but not at a level where I felt comfortable bleeding on him. Anyway, he was really shiny about it and suggested we take a shower together and yes I know periods are normal and it was the bare minimum, but his solution-driven reassurance was very appreciated. Anyway, if that’s not wholesome, just know that he let me stand under the hot water in the shower.”

10. “Handcuffed me during sex one time and was pretty rough, then afterwards rubbed and kissed my wrists and told me how special I am.”

11. “We used a lot of coconut oil during sex. Afterwards, he filled a large bowl with warm water, sat next to me in the bed, and gently wiped me clean. It was the most gentle and intimate experience I’ve ever had.”

12. “I usually orgasm at least twice during penetrative sex with him, but after he finishes he almost always keeps fingering me or going down on me until I come 3-4 more times and have to beg him to stop — I have never had anyone care about my pleasure this much before.”

13. “When I told my husband that I didn’t want to gross him out by telling him about dirty things I’d like to have done to me in bed. He said, “mmmmmarty, I’m your husband, tell me everything.” I’ll never forget how comforting it was to know I was with someone I could share dark desires with.”

14. “My bf has glasses and we usually end up taking them off when we make out or they get smudged. He’s very blind without his glasses. One of the first times we had sex he stopped and put his glasses back on and told me he wanted to be able to see me. It was the kindest thing I’d ever heard. Now he regularly wears his glasses when we do any type of sex acts so he can see.”

15. “My partner knows I don’t like my stomach. I’m not a big person but I have somewhat of a gut and I hate it and working to change that. He doesn’t care, he kisses it tells me how much he likes it and rubs it from time to time. He takes the time to prove he doesn’t have a problem with it and likes me for me.”

– d-han62

Such heart-warming stories!