A wedding ring is a symbol of love, a promise that couples exchange to spend the rest of their lives together. A lot of thought goes into hunting for the rock that will adorn the finger of your partner but none goes while choosing the finger to put it on. It’s always the third finger (the finger next to the little finger), also called the ring finger. 

But do you know the reason why the ring goes in the third finger? 


The Roman belief

One of the theories suggests a Roman belief behind this tradition. When science hadn’t advanced much, it was believed that a vein from our hand’s third finger runs straight to the heart. While this might be common knowledge, there are other theories as well. 


The Chinese belief

According to the Chinese, each one of our fingers represent different relationships, wherein the life partner is represented by the third finger. Other fingers like the thumb represents parents, index finger is for siblings, middle finger represents yourself, and the little finger signifies children.


Here’s a video explaining more about the same: 

Interesting, ain’t it?