We all need sex. We all seek it in different ways. For those who enjoy one-night stands, sometimes, things do not turn out as you imagine. Sometimes, a one-night stand can become this really unforgettable horrific experience that stays with you for a lifetime. 

I am not trying to freak you out. But some people on Reddit have come out and shared their worst one-night stand experiences. These may give you chills. 

1. “Met her at a club, she asked if I wanted to go home with her and drunk me said, “Sure.” We went to her place, completed our tasks and we were sleeping when her ex started knocking on her window and calling her name. He finally stopped and in the morning she was going to drop me off on her way to work, but her ex had parked us in. They argued and guns were pulled (both of them). She eventually talked him down, but I thought I was dead – I just wanted to get laid, not laid to rest.”


2. “So I had gotten recently divorced and my buddies took me out to a bar to get me drunk and I ended up meeting a girl and went home with her. Next morning when I woke up around 9. She was still sleeping so I went into her living room, turned on the TV……….it was September 11th 2001. So I was like “Hey I don’t know where I am or even who you are but the world’s ending so you might want to get up….””


3. “To make a long story short, he robbed me and left me alone at 3 in the morning in a cab with no cash in a country where I barely spoke the language. Yeah, not a good night.”


4. “Very cute goth girl from tinder. She comes over, we’re hanging out and she tells me she’s a witch. I brush it off, but she keeps pushing, and decides to do a demonstration of how she’s an air witch, and thus can control wind. She does some weird gestures and makes noises, a few moments later a mild amount of wind comes through. A week later she starts texting/calling me repeatedly telling me to stop resisting my feelings, and that a love spell was placed on me and it’d be easier if I just accepted it.”


5. “Once I met a guy on the internet and invited him to my place. So we started having sex and he couldn’t breathe properly so I got on top. After a couple of minutes of his really heavy breathing he started choking and I stopped and asked if he was ok. He was nearly dying and he said between breathes I—–got——-(heavy breathing)—–asthmaaaa”


6. “Not my story, but a friend of mine hooked up with a random girl at a bar. He’s not exactly a ladies man so we were all happy for him. In the morning she asked if she could borrow his car to get some stuff to make them breakfast. She stole his car, picked up her boyfriend from jail and left the state.”


7. “We finished up, he proceeded to tell me he had a girlfriend which obviously led to me being like yeah you need to leave, and then on his way out he smashed up the radiator in my hall :(“


8. “Hooked up with a girl and she slept over. The next morning I woke up at like 6am and was trying to go back to sleep for a bit, 10 minutes later she gets up which I initially assumed was her going to the bathroom. After hearing her make some noise for about 5-10 minutes, I keep an eye open, and she is going through all my stuff. She was trying to rob me of my watches, some cash I had, and my fucking Alexa, when she started getting her shoes on I sat up and asked her what she was doing. Proceeds to jump into her shoes and dash out of my place without my stuff.”


9. “Dude fell asleep while making out with me… while we were standing up. It was so weird to realize he was asleep. So then after laughing incredulously I went and sat down on the couch, Bc idk what else to do…”


10. “Went home with a girl on a Friday. She had to get up for work next morning. She muttered something to me at 7am and said she would see me later. I then woke up at 11am or so, and went to the bathroom down the corridor. Wearing nothing but a smile… I had a shower, and then realized I was locked in the bathroom…. The handle was broken. It was a 2nd floor bathroom.. I climbed out the window and ran home about a mile wearing nothing but the shower curtain.”


11. “Went home with a guy from the nightclub, 7 years my senior. We decided to keep screwing, because hey, the sex was good and there were no strings. Unfortunately, we both caught feelings, but within eight weeks he wanted to control which of our mutual friends I hung out with, who I shouted a beer at the pub, who could give me a lift home in the morning if I’d left my car behind, etc. He would call me names, yell at me, and justify it that he just felt passionate about me.”


12. “We had sex. It was good. While sleeping I feel like someone’s breathing on my neck, I wake up and she’s looking at me weirdly. Asked her what’s wrong. ‘I like your eyes, you mind if I take them out while you’re sleeping.'”


13. “I’d been talking to this guy for about 5 months, he was a friend of a friend type thing… anyway, we met up at a local club one night and I ended up going home with him. He basically laid there and didn’t do anything, made me do all the work, he lasted about 2 minutes and then when I left in the morning he jumped on FB and started telling everyone he’d fucked me.”


14. “Woke up completely blurry eyes and horribly hungover. I had taken out my contacts and didn’t have my glasses. But I started wandering around her apartment and slowly her décor started to come into focus. It was FILLED with Nazi things. Posters, throw rugs, books, salt and pepper shakers. I was wondering why she was so fascinated with my blonde hair and blue eyes.”


What is your worst one-night stand experience?