There’s no wrong way to have sex, until you have got the basics right. However, what you do right after a good sex session is equally important. In a thread, people reveal the worst things to do right after having sex and you need to write these down.

Read on.

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1. “Roll over and say “don’t be here when I wake up.” –AngryBuddha01

2. “Tell her that she needs to get tested for an STD.” –i_look_good_in_black

3. “Make your girlfriend sleep on the floor because, quote, “I’m used to having my whole bed to myself.” –Infamous_Juice712

4. “Call your parents on speakerphone, in less than one minute after finishing. My ex did that and I still dated him for years.” –_jamesbaxter

5. “Ask, “what’s your name, again?” Vicky-Momm

6. “Not go for a wee.” –Existing-Seat5962

7. “Get up, get dressed and walk away from your partner carrying on with your day as if it was just a transaction. Best way to kill the desire for more sex in the future.” –GSG_2022

8. “Vomit.” –ianmoone1102

9. “Wipe yourself on the drapes, blankets or their towels.” –markovianprocess

10. “Videotaping during sex and then watching it back right afterwards to show your partner how they can improve their form.” –Rare_Independent_789

11. “Say, “I’ve had better.” –majesticalexis

12. “Telling her your wife would be here any minute.” –moooosewala

Which of these are the worst things to do right after sex?