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Feb 11, 2018 at 19:08

Renuka Chowdhury Hits Back After NaMo Takes A Dig At Her For Laughing In Parliament

by Smrutisnat Jena

Prime Minister Narendra Modi's Ramayana jab at Congress MP Renuka Chowdhury hasn't been taken well. On Sunday, the 5-time MP hit back at the Prime Minister saying that there was no GST on laughing.

Source: ibusinesslines


According to the Indian Express, she said that PM Modi's comments about her show his mindset about women. Speaking to reporters, she said:

There were hashtags like #Laugh like Surpankha, #Lol is a passe and #Laugh Like Renuka Chowdhury. I am a five-time MP and the prime minister draws a parallel of me with a negative character. But he forgets that the women today have changed and they know how to speak for themselves. This shows his mindset towards women,
Source: Livemint


Speaking at the “Difficult Dialogues” conference on gender in Panaji, Chowdhury further said:

 You laugh…and there is no GST on laughter. I don’t require permission to laugh after being a five-time MP. I have shattered the myth of being stereotyped.
Source: Swarajya


Earlier in Rajya Sabha, when Chowdhury was found laughing loudly during PM Modi's speech, the prime minister had taken a dig at her by saying that this was the first time he was hearing this kind of laughter after the 1980s Ramayana

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