The Casa Xochiquetzal shelter in Mexico offers a one of a kind service that would warm your heart. According to the Daily Mail, this government-run shelter provides a safe haven to retired sex workers. Away from the dangerous streets of Mexico, where they could be subjected to brutal violence, the shelter provides lodging, food and counselling sessions and health services to these women. The sex trade is a harrowing business, so this shelter offers them human rights classes so that they gain the self-esteem that their profession has stolen from them. Here are some images of the shelter, each of these has a tale to tell.

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They are educated about their human rights, something that was totally missing from their lives.

The shelter provides counselling, helping them recover from the years they spent working on the streets.

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Elia, a resident of the facility, talks to dolls as a coping mechanism.

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Another resident is seen applying make-up before she leaves her room.

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The sex workers of Mexico live extremely marginalized lives, often being subjected to violent acts of sexual humiliation.

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The shelter also offers prayer services for the spiritual and mental health. 

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Women help each other with their daily chores, like coloring each other's hair.

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The shelter has become a place where these women can discuss and talk freely about their experiences and help each other heal. So wonderful! 

Feature image source: The Daily Mail