RJ Malishka, known as Mumbai Ki Rani is popular for unapologetically voicing her opinions. Her parody of  Bollywood song Zingaat, is going viral these days, as it calls out Mumbai government for failing to remedy the woes of Mumbaikars, tackling with heavy rains and failing infrastructure of the city. But this is not the first time this queen has proven catalyst in raising opinions.

Here are 8 times when RJ Malishka spoke her heart, without giving a rat's ass about what others think. Yaas, queen.

1. Her Zingaat parody, "Mumbai Khadyat" takes a dig at Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) for being unable to relieve Mumbaikars from water-logging, and exposed pot-holes issues.

Also, the parody is really catchy, and perhaps even bettttter than the actual song. Yep, we said it. What? Bring us a song that is vocal about issues aam janta faces, and we will pedestalise it. Aur kya

2.It all started with RJ Malishka's Sonu Song Pothole Mix, "Mumbai Tula".

BMC however failed to take it in a good spirit, and sent a team to her house to check for Dengue and Malaria mosquitoes, and consequently sent her a notice for it. Wow, wow. Talk about being butt-hurt.

3. When Malishka turned around the butt of criticism she was facing, and used it as reverse psychology to target 'wrongdoers' in her song, "Malishka Ko Matt Sun".

Explaining the concept behind Malisha ko matt sunn, Nisha Narayanan, COO, 93.5 Red FM said- 

"We are very excited for Malishka ko matt sunn, the idea behind this stemmed from the concept of stubbornness of the human brain. We always end up doing opposite of what we are asked to do, well; mostly. The strategy with Malishka ko matt sunn is to target the wrongdoers, the ones who spit in public places, litter around, break traffic rules engage in catcalls etc. The aim is to tell the citizens that if they are doing any such actions they should stop listening to RJ Malishka on Red FM. As a radio station, we strongly believe that RJ Malishka through Red FM has acted as a catalyst in bringing about a change in the life’s of Mumbaikars."

4. When Malishka contemplated the concept of attention in her TED Talk, and how it becomes imperative that we pause and think about what we give our attention to.

5. When she parodied Jimikki Kammal Mumbaiyya Style.

6. When Malishka, knowing the influencer she is, talked about Section 377, that enforces criminalisation of gay sex by law.

7. When her parodies get adapted for other alarming issues, Mumbai is facing, like accumulation of plastic trash, and ruination of Mumbai's beaches.

8. When she talked about how losing her dad at a tender age of 13 years, changed her life. 

Her story of how a lot of responsibility rested on her shoulders, and how it all became the fulcrum of her strength, is an inspirational lesson in adulting, we all need.

So, here's to celebrating our vocal Mumbai Ki Rani. Thank you, Malishka. You, be you.