There is only so much preparation you can do, when you are playing against Roger Federer. 

I mean, okay, his backhands are the best the human race has seen; you step on the court with that knowledge. 

Source: NDTV

But who in their wildest dreams, would think that he will freaking go outside the court, smash the ball, send it flying across the net in a curve and get a point? 

To be completely honest, we did not even know that such a shot was allowed. 

So, it doesn't come as a surprise that Nick Kyrgios was all kinds of astounded when he played that shot, in the US Open match between the two. 


After the match Federer (who, on a side note, he is 37) said:

I definitely think it was a special one, no doubt about it. You can't train for that.

As for Kyrgios:

It was almost unreal. If anyone else is doing those shots against me, I'm probably not too happy. But it's Roger.
Source: ABC

That's the thing, right? You can't be jealous of Federer, you can't be angry at him. When he plays like this, you only have one thought- or should I say question- that 'is he even from this planet'? (Hint: He is not).

Source: Tennis World USA

I would give everything that I have to lose a point like that. Or to see it from the stands. Or to see it anywhere. 

You're unreal, Federer, what have we mortals done to deserve you?