While we all love animals, how often do we take an initiative to help one in need? 

A cute fur-ball, Ruby, was rescued from the streets of Gurgaon in October, last year, and her journey has been a terrible one. While three of her pups found loving homes, the other three died of distemper. Ruby, herself, struggled with distemper and tick fever. 

Just last month, Ruby underwent surgery to amputate her right leg. Unfortunately, Ruby couldn't find a loving home in India. However, thankfully, the International Street Dog Foundation has agreed to help find her a forever home in Chicago, USA. 

But for that, she'll need to be flown to US and currently, there aren't sufficient funds for the same. 

You can read her entire story here:

Paws for a Cause, a Delhi-NCR based organisation, has been working towards helping Ruby as much as possible. They've covered all her medical expenses so far and now, have started an initiative to help raise funds to cover her travel costs to America. 

The total cost of her flight is around 1300$ or ₹90,000. And you can help Ruby find her forever home. 

If you'd like to contribute for this cause, you can click here

In a world where humanity is fast ceasing to exist, this is your chance to prove that it isn't dead, just yet. A small amount from you end could help Ruby lead a happy, healthy life. 

Please help Ruby finally reach her forever home!