'Are you rooting for Pakistan because your husband plays for the country?'

Sania Mirza has been asked this question before every India-Pakistan match. 

Source: India TV News

So, it doesn't come as a surprise that she signed out of social media, before their clash today.

One of our biggest tennis players, is put in a spot every time the two countries play against each other, because it's impossible for people to wrap their heads around the fact that she can support India while being married to someone from Pakistan.

Source: Crictracker

She has tried to explain herself in the past, but the efforts have only led to debates and discussions, which turn ugly more often than not. 

For instance, on her tweet stating the futility of misplaced aggression, these were the reactions.

But I guess there is hope, because there were a lot of positive comments, as well. 

As she said: It’s only a cricket match.