Ever contemplated over draping that gorgeous saree? If the complexity of the fabric held you back before, let these Instagrammers inspire and encourage you to wear the saree and flaunt your desi side in style! 

Follow them, and drape away to glory! 

1. Mrs Welde 

2. Sripriya

3. SareePilla 

4. Isha Priya Singh 

सलाम बॉम्बे! Salaam Bombay! . Post 2 : Bombay Gothic Ilkal Saree : @onlineilkalsaree . Amongst all the styles of architecture to be seen in Bombay, Gothic is the most awe-inspiring. Celebrating the Bombay style of Gothic in this post. It was the style chosen to build most of the government and public utility buildings, universities and churches, when the 'Urbs Prima in Indis - the first city of India, was being built. It was nothing but the Gothic-revival style, most innovatively adapted to local conditions. Some of the remarkable structures built in this style are the CST (formerly known as the Victoria Terminus), the Bombay University, the High Court, David Sassoon Library and the Crawford Market. The pointed arches, the trefoil, quatrefoil, cinquefoil and multifoil stained glass windows, the grotesque yet fascinating gargoyles and the recognizable human faces at the main entrances, define the style in general. Some unique Indian elements, in terms of carved motifs and lattices, define the Bombay style in particular . For instance, the ornate Peacock motif and the statues of Bombay's philanthropists atop the Rajabai Tower. Rudyard Kipling's father John Lockwood Kipling and his art students had a great contribution in the creation of these buildings. All the pictures in this post have been taken by me over a period of three years, using different kind of cameras. Some with a tele lens DSLR and some with a mobile phone. They were taken more for documentation than for display of photography skills. This is by no means a comprehensive post about Bombay Gothic. It's just my tribute to this intriguing style that doesn't fail to enchant me everytime I am in the Fort. Please don't forget to share which of the Gothic buildings is your favourite! 😊 . #desidrapesinbombay #salaambombay #desitaleswithdesidrapes #bombaystories #bombaygothic #gothicarchitecture #gothicrevival #mumbai #oldmumbai #bombaylove #indiangothic #ilkalsaree #mumbaiheritage #historyofmumbai #mumbaiculture #mumbaistory #mumbaiarchitecture #sareeandthecity #mumbaiphotography

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5. Shayoni Mukherjee 

6. Venus 

I missed posting on Instagram due to a phase of bad health. But as I am recovering I am happier than ever before. All these days I felt so special and truely blessed to have a life partner who was always by my side , he took care of me even at 4 in the morning not reminding me that he has to leave at 6 for work and had only few hours to catch-up on his sleep. When I was a child my father used to do such things for me and never mention how tired he was....I guess I am lucky to be surrounded by angels #countingmyblessings #ingratitude . In pictures, you see me wearing a 35 year old maroon-black-silver Tanchoi Benarasi Silk Saree (wonder why they don't make such benarasis now) paired with two warm black sweaters - a turtleneck and a cropped one....and antique finish silver earrings, recieved as a gift from a close relative....and black boots 😊 . #myboxofsarees #iwearsaree #dilhaibenarasi #benarasi #vintagebenarasi #tanchoi #maroonandblack #benarasisaree #ilovesarees #sareesofinstagram #sixyardsoflove #sixyardsofelegance #sixyarssofsheerelegance #instasaree #sareenotsorry #sareelovers #sareegram #sareeenthusiast

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7. Divya 

8. The Sari Series 

9. Laila Tyabji 

10. Travelistaree

11. The Indian Draping Co 

12. Sumitra Selvaraj 

13. RG 

Hello hello! When I last left off, it was still spring and now suddenly we are in 41° weather! And what better than a retro style Bengal weave to ring in summer... A classic 'Chaura paar' (broad border) #Dhonekhali #taant. The body (technically I should be calling it the field) is a delicious creme shade with self checks, airy yet sturdy cotton, and the exquisite borders are made of sumptuous Resham with thick, satiny selvages. The cherry on top was someone who I hold in very high regards as an authority on Indian handlooms appreciating the weave. 😄 Oh, and the blouse is the faithful old patchwork #Ajrakh. @thesurrealsagittarian , if I can bring myself to post more often this month, here I go with the first of my #8sareeapril . 😂 The photo begged for some #funwithfilters , so pliss to check stories... 😝

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14. Megha 

15. Swapna Nayak 

16. Seemaskt

Coz I’m always late to the party . . This time it was the #karvatikidharsareekikinar week, but here I am anyway wearing this simple yet striking cream and black checked Vidharba tussar from Maharashtra with a karvati kinar or saw tooth like border with motifs in a lovely pine green. . Since Vidarbha has rich forests bordering Chattisgarh, tussar silk is naturally available here. There are many villages/ towns in Nagpur and Bhandara districts where entire communities have been weavers for generations. Vijaya @vijayalaxmichhabra has written in glorious detail about this weave in the last week so I’ll not repeat it here. Suffice it to say that this saree from @kalpavastram is a delicious drape with a subtle sheen that can seamlessly transition from the boardroom to cocktails. . The stunning silver necklace is from @potpourricreations, the perfect accessory for the saree. . . #iwearhandloom #iwearhandloomsarees #sareelove #sareesofinstagram #weavesofindia #weavesofmaharashtra #tussarsilk #vidharbatussar #karvatikinaar #handmadejewelry #silverjewelry #sareeaddictinnyc #seemadrapes

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17. Shramona Poddar

18. Apoorva Jayraman

19. Mamta Sharma Das

20. Swati Mukund

21. Tia Bhuva

22. Shereen

23. Aarabi Veeraraghavan

So when are you stepping out in a sari? 

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