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Jan 13, 2016 at 16:05

What Happens When You Try To Sell ‘Bottled Air’ To Delhiites? This…

by Suparn

 Recently, the Delhi government made headlines all over India when they took drastic measures to curb the city’s pollution by enforcing the Odd/Even rule on four wheelers. 

For too long have kept a serious issue like pollution on the back burner. Perhaps it is these harsh words that finally pushed us into action.

"It seems like we are living in a gas Chamber..." - Delhi High Court 

Finally, pollution has taken centre-stage and is being tackled like the serious problem that it is. It's a problem that not only poses a threat to our health but our children's health as well. It is time to take concrete action to curb pollution and ensure a greener and cleaner tomorrow.

So what happens when a couple of people take the same concept, roam around Connaught place with canisters of fresh “Himalayan” air and try to sell them to Delhiites? All I can tell you is that you're going to watch some eye-opening stuff. Check it out! Subscribe to the Hawa Badlo YouTube channel here

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