Bronn, just Bronn. Not Bond. He would probably qualify as an outlaw-version of 007 though. No one knows where he comes from, and no one really knows when he'll exit from the scene. The only thing we know about him, is he loves gold and he has a twisted, effective sense of worldly matters. He's a vigilante by himself, for himself. He's the kind of Robin Hood, who steals from the rich and gives it to himself.

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He might give the impression that he's always got one foot out of the door, but as we've seen in the past 7 seasons of Game of Thrones - he's developed more than a liking for the Lannister brothers. He hardly ever holds his opinions to himself, and calls shit out each time he spots it. Bronn is not the sentimental types, he's a soldier of fortune with a wicked wit.

Here are 14 instances when Bronn proved his mettle as being one of the crudest, wittiest and even the sassiest character to be alive on the show (I would've paid to see him shoot his mouth off in front of Olenna Tyrell).

When these inspiring words helped Tyrion, make his way into Casterly Rock.

When he reduced all talk of legacy for men to cocks. And it surprisingly made a lot of sense.

When he was his practical self, trying to explain Tyrion why he couldn't be the champion to fight The Mountain.

When he had some excellent advice for Tyrion on the battlefield, disguised as an insult.

Right after saving Jaime's life from what looked like certain death, Bronn reminds him of their deal.

When he had some life-altering advice for those seeking the empathy of others.

When he gave this badass reply to Tyrion's persistent questioning.

When he gave Podrick the most important lesson of his life - through scuffles and the rest.

When he had this fantastic advice for Tyrion, to help take his mind off Sansa's escape from King's Landing.

When he downright berated Jaime and his army, in the face of a compliment. Typical Bronn!

When he was quite savage about Jaime's lack of a plan.

When he was plenty impressive to Oberyn Martell's unexpected question.

When he had this perfectly legit suggestion, while he was bored waiting to welcome the Dornish army.

2 years till we see you again Ser Bronn of the Blackwater. You are the knight in the armour which is anything but shining. But you get the job done - with the words and the sword.

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