You know the feeling – you’re bored, there’s nothing much on TV, you’re a little on edge but you don’t really know why. Then it hits you. My god, it’s literally been right in front of you the whole time! It’s your genitals, they’re lonely! So like the upstanding ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) citizen that you are, you get right down to it, and about 5 minutes later, all is right with the world again.   

So why is something so wonderful, so natural, so harmless as masturbation associated with guilt and disgrace? I really have no idea, but maybe these GIFs of animals rubbing one off (weird segue, I know) will help you realise that taking care of this basic need is totally, completely and utterly normal. After all, everyone does it.

This furious little monkey’s ode to Harambe is as graceful as it gets.

“Look away, Pooh!”

Just a squirrel, warming his nuts for winter.

Cuco the kangaroo is famous for his masturbatory ways. You go, Cuco!

This dolphin’s really, really ready for some ‘me time’.

That’s the spot!

Lazy afternoons like these…

Keep those claws trimmed though.

The cat’s out of the bag… and into the box!

The casual, no-fucks-given wank.

These animals don’t give a damn!