While any time of the day is a great time for sex, there’s something totally amazing about sex in the morning that makes it even better than the one at night!


Imagine the scenario – you’re lying in bed, slowly opening your eyes. Now, in that moment, though coffee is your usual go-to, an orgasm could be the perfect kick-start to your day!

Because, hey, morning sex is more than amazing!


Firstly, men anyway wake up with an erection, thanks to their brain releasing less noradrenaline, a chemical that hinders erections. So basically, since they have a boner already, you can straightaway get to work!

Also, it is scientifically proven that men have stronger, more long-lasting erections in the morning as their testosterone levels are the highest in the morning.


Besides, you can afford to skip your morning workout if you’re having sex. When you’re burning calories in between the sheets, why bother suffering on the treadmill!

BTW, a good sex session will wake you up way better than coffee/tea and also, thanks to the endorphin rush, put you in a happier, more positive state of the mind for the day ahead!


Now that you’re convinced about morning sex, here’s a list of positions to ensure that your sexual pleasure is at an all time high! 

1. Erotic End

As the guy sits leg-front, all the girl has to sit on him, looking on the other side. It’s a wonderful angle for him to go deep and also, rather comfortable to do so. 

2. Sensual Spoon

He enters from the side and since she’s got one of her legs in the air, there’s enough space for him to go straight for the target. 

3. Figure Eight

You can use some pillows to comfort her back as he slides in and goes deep, resting on his arms. 

4. Backup Boogie

Sort of like the Girl On Top but with her getting on her hands and giving him the view of a lifetime. And he can both look and touch!

5. Reach For The Heavens

He’s on top of her, as close as he can possibly get. It’s perfect when he’s deep inside and she’s using the back-rest of the bed for support. Heaven ain’t that far!

6. Saucy Spoon

As he fondles with her breasts, he’s going slow and steady from behind. You get to cuddle and climax, at the same time. 

7. X-Rated

Go from Girl On Top to the girl lying down on her stomach with both partners holding on to each other for comfort. This will take you straight to nirvana and fast!

8. Spider Web

The fabulous criss-cross of legs makes it an amazing angle to hit the spot, no matter what his size. Plus, the view is great from both sides!

9. Torrid Tug Of War

From Spider, go further deeper by lying down on your backs. As you both pull and push each other, it’s the ultimate war of passion and complete satisfaction!

Designs: Anmol Gambhir