Pornhub, the porn site that has gone out of its way many a time to stand up (no pun intended) for cause. Like their ‘Pornhub Gives America Wood‘, campaign, which they meant quite literally. For every 100 videos watched in the ‘big dick’ category, there was going to be a tree planted. Let’s not forget their initiative to make sex education better, doing what most elitist educational institutions fail to do.

This time, Pornhub is taking it on themselves to make Mother’s Day special and they’re doing it their way. Introducing VR glasses for mama. You heard us. There are VR glasses, by Pornhub, for your mother. Here’s a gift that’ll make her think of ways of birthing you that could have been a lot more interesting. Just kidding. We’re wondering which Indian kid will grow the mettle to buy this for their mother.

Here’s the video released by Pornhub.