“Do you want to do it tonight?” – that’s one of the toughest questions to answer when an individual is too tired to move a lot. However, there are countless sex positions that give someone the maximum satisfaction with the lowest effort. 

Don’t believe us? Take a look at the list down below!

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1. The Lazy Doggy Style

In this variation of the iconic position, an individual needs to lower their chest and head onto the bed or take a pillow, instead of putting all the pressure on their hands and knees. The partner, on the other hand, would take control from behind, making it equally comfortable and easy for both. 

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2. The Sideways Samba

For maximum satisfaction, the duo needs to lie on their sides and face the same direction. As one individual enters into their partner from the back, both need to swing back and forth to form a relaxed rhythm. This position, which requires minimal effort, offers maximum closeness.

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3. The Scissors

In this position, the duo needs to lie down, facing each other. Then, both partners need to lift one leg over the other person’s buttocks – both bodies, together, should make a scissor-like form. This unique position allows effortless access and unrestricted angles for penetration for a relaxed and intimate session.

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4. The Crossed Lovers

To be honest, this is one of the most effortless postures to have sex. For this, the couple needs to lie on their sides, facing each other, with their legs intertwined. Next, one person would enter from behind as both maintain a relaxed intertwined position. This allows a close connection and easy penetration.

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5. The Chair Rider

For this adventurous position, all we need is a chair – a sturdy one, of course! In this, one person needs to sit, facing opposite to their partner, as the latter straddles them. This position is not just comfortable, but it’s the bang-on pick for some trouble-free but exciting sex.

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6. The Missionary With Pillow

Also called ‘pillow talk’, in the classic missionary position, place a soft pillow under your hips. This slight elevation not only adds extra comfort but also allows for better alignment and deeper penetration. It’s an effortless way to enhance the oh-so-fun experience.

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7.  The Lazy Lovers Knot

To make the most out of this position, both partners must lie on their sides, facing each other. The duo wrap their legs around each other while entering, maintaining the knotted position. This smooth position also allows the duo to focus on each other’s pleasure and comfort.

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8. The Spooning

Here comes the most classic and cutest sex position, ever. In this, both the partners lie down on their sides with their bodies curled together – like, as the name suggests, two spoons. As one partner enters from behind, this intimate position offers a warm yet uncomplicated experience. 

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9. The Side Saddle

For this oh-so-hot position, the duo needs to lie down on their sides, facing each other. As one person lifts their partner’s legs and wraps them around themself, the other partner allows them to effortlessly access. This position enables closeness while minimizing physical effort.

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10. The Lazy Cowgirl

In this variation of the renowned position, one person sits on their partner, as the latter lies down. With this position, the duo can control the speed and depth of penetration, resulting in lazy but sensual encounters.

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That being said, one should always communicate and find what works best for them and their partner(s) for a more comfortable and fun sex session.