Shashi Tharoor is a wonderful orator and a linguist.

While he is undoubtedly brilliant in the English language, people have had serious doubts about his Hindi skills. And they were put to test in a recent interview.

Well, he came, was asked to translate some of the hard Hindi words in English and surprisingly, was also good at it.

Here's the video:

He proved it with this test that he not only has a good command of English but also Hindi.

Now, Shashi Tharoor has nailed the language with an impressive poem.

Shashi Tharoor | Image Source

On Tuesday, the Congress MP took to Twitter to share a video of himself, where he can be seen reciting two lines for those who make fun of his poor command over Hindi.

In the video which was posted a day ahead of the World Poetry Day, he says,

"Koshish karenge roz, ek din seekh jaenge... Hasne doh unko aaj, wahi taali bajaenge"
Shashi Tharoor | Image Source

This is how Twitter reacted:

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